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Key Dates to Mark on Your Calendar for 2024


Key Dates to Mark on Your Calendar for 2024

Embarking on New Year's money resolutions is common for many individuals. If enhancing your financial management skills is among your goals, utilizing a calendar can help you stay organized and proactive.

Ensure you mark the following dates on your calendar to maintain financial diligence:

January 31

Individuals Who Must Make Estimated Tax Payments Tax-Filing Due (January): If you missed the deadline for your final 2023 estimated tax payment on January 16, you have the option to file your income tax return by January 31 and settle any outstanding tax liabilities. This timely action helps avoid penalties for late estimated tax filings. Remember, you still have the opportunity to file and pay by April 15 if necessary.

The year is already 1/12th over. Have you made strides toward achieving your 2024 financial objectives? Whether you aim to bolster your retirement fund, savings account, or establish an emergency fund, take proactive steps now.

March 31

This is the final day of the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period. If you're enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, assess your options to switch plans or revert to the original Medicare while considering joining a separate Medicare drug plan. 

April 15

File your federal tax return and settle any outstanding tax liabilities by midnight. You have the option to apply for an extension, e-file, or postmark your return by this date.

June 17

Self-employed taxpayers should make their 2023 estimated tax payments for the second quarter of the year by this date, given that June 15 falls on a Saturday.

July 1

 If your college-bound child plans to apply for federal financial assistance, mark the commencement of FAFSA applications. Ensure you have all the necessary financial information beforehand and explore the convenience of the FAFSA app.

Conduct a midyear financial checkup, reviewing progress since January and strategizing for the remainder of the year to meet your financial objectives.

September 16

Remit third-quarter estimated tax payments for 2023 if you're self-employed. The deadline is shifted to September 16 due to September 15 falling on a Sunday.

October 15

Medicare open enrollment commences today and extends until December 7, 2024. Evaluate and make any necessary adjustments to your 2025 coverage during this period.

October 16

For those who filed an extension for federal taxes, ensure completion and submission of tax forms by the October 16 deadline, as October 15 falls on a Sunday this year.

By incorporating these crucial financial dates into your calendar, you empower yourself to proactively manage your finances throughout the year, fostering fiscal responsibility and peace of mind.