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Ready, Set, Switch - Move Your Account Today

Step 1: Get Organized

Collect all available information about the existing checking account that you want to transfer. 

Step 2: Sign up for Direct Deposit and Set up Automatic Payments

Complete the Authorization to Change Direct Deposit Form to move your direct deposits.

For Social Security direct deposits, visit www.ssa.gov and sign in to "mySocial Security" or call 1-800-333-1795.

Use our Authorization to Transfer Automatic Payments Form or TENCU Online Banking with free Bill Pay to manage payments efficiently. Make additional copies of the Authorization form as needed. You will need one for each automatic payment recipient.

Step 3: Close Your Old Accounts

Verify that all your scheduled checks and automatic payments have cleared.

Complete the Authorization to Close Account Form and send it to your previous financial institution. Note: If your account is interest-bearing, please consider your closing date carefully. (Some financial institutions may require that you fill out additional forms.)

Securely dispose of unused checks, deposit slips, and ATM/debit cards.

Step 4: Consider a TENCU Loan Refinance or TENCU Visa® Balance Transfer

Talk to a TENCU loan officer for refinancing options.

Apply for a TENCU Visa Platinum credit card with no annual or balance transfer fees.

Step 5: Open an Online Banking and Mobile Banking Account

Sign up for TENCU Online Banking & Mobile Banking services to stay in control of your finances.

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